Coastal Skipper

Before taking this course it is virtually essential to have attended the equivalent shorebased course, to ensure that time is not wasted teaching theory on board. (See Navigation and seamanship theory course).  An important aspect of this course is learning to take command and made decisions resulting in relaxed, well-planned passages and a happy crew.  Don't expect to coast through without making the occasional error - learn you strengths and weaknesses and gain knowledge from your mistakes. By the end of the course you should  be ready to build on your experience and maybe work towards a Certificate of Confidence (see Yachtmaster course).


Pre-course Experience

15 days, 2 days as skipper, 300 miles, 8 night hours


Assumed Knowledge

Boat handling to the standard of the Day Skipper practical motor cruising course and navigation to the standard of the Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster shorebased course


Minimum Duration

5 days


Minimum Age

17 years old.  (Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent and or guardian).


Course Content

Passage planning, preparation for sea, pilotage, passage making and ability as a skipper, radar, boat handling, adverse weather conditions, emergency situations.


Ability After the Course

Able to skipper a motor cruiser on coastal passages by day and night.



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