Choosing the Right Motor Cruising Course

Start Motor Cruising - this course is ideal for introducing friends or family members to crewing a motor boat, and for giving them an understanding of how they can assist the helm -1 day at £195 per person.


Helmsman -  this course is ideal for new owners conscious of the difficulty and hazards of boat handling in the marina.  It is useful for crews as well as skippers. Apart from the obvious safety benefits of extra boat handlers on board, it adds interest if everyone can contribute to the trip - 2 days at £495 per person.


Day Skipper - this course can also help you get the best from your modern electronic aids such as GPS and radar, which are now virtually standard equipment on modern motor cruisers.  Before attending the course you should be able to navigate and are well advised to attend the RYA Day Skipper shorebased course to brush up on your skills (see Navigation and Seamanship theory course) - 4 days (plus 1 night passage - £875 per person.


Advanced Pilotage - this course is ideal for those who want to progress their night pilotage skills, but might not yet have the experience required for the Coastal Skipper course.


Coastal Skipper - before taking this course it is virtually essential to have attended the equivalent shorebased course, to ensure that time is not wasted teaching theory on board. (See Navigation and seamanship theory on the left).  An important aspect of this course is learning to take command and made decisions resulting in relaxed, well-planned passages and a happy crew.  Don't expect to coast through without making the occasional error - learn you strengths and weaknesses and gain knowledge from your mistakes. By the end of the course you should  be ready to build on your experience and maybe work towards a Certificate of Confidence.

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